Thursday, June 25, 2009

McKinnon, Lynnette (Grant)

It's been so fun reading about everyone. After High school I attended Ricks college and roomed with Diann Lott and Tiffany Thelin. It was a blast, and I played way more than I studied. I transfered to BYU where I decided to finally get serious and study hard. I wanted to study archealogy as I always had a crush on Indiana Jones but had a few more G.E. classes to take, so I enrolled in a Philosophy class, fell in love with the TA and promptly married him (yes, I got an "A" in the class).
We have been married for 18 years and have five kids. Kenny 17, Rachel 15, Daniel 12, Sam 10 and Joseph who is 6. We stay super busy with sports and church but we are loving it. In my free time (ha,ha) I love to run, road bike and read. I am training for my fourth marathon, have completed several century road rides and would love to do a half ironman one day (maybe when I finish all the laundry:). Dave is an avid Mountain biker so we spend a lot of time as a family biking and wrecking. I have some "Sick" scars that my four boys are proud of. Two of our kids are on the high school basketball team, so we spend lots of time at the gym which seems like my second home. I actually love the smell of a gym.

We love living in Cedar City and have been here for the last ten years. We lived in Costa Rica and Arizona but Cedar City reminds me of Provo "back in the day" and we will be here for at least a few more years. I am excited to see y'all at the reunion. A big thank you to everyone involved in the planning of this shindig! Lynnette Grant

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