Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reunion Pictures

Thanks to Tim Doll for these pictures.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reunion Dinner (part 1)

Marshall, David

Young, Jennifer (Hancock)

It's sure been fun to read everyone's posts.

I'll try to keep this brief: After PHS, I went to BYU where I met my great husband, Jared. We married in 1992 and I graduated with a degree in English and Jared in Political Science in 1993. We spent a fun couple years on beautiful Hayden Lake in Idaho, running a Bed and Breakfast.

In 1997 we moved to Phoenix, Arizona and we've been in this area ever since. My husband has worked in the health insurance industry, but is just venturing out into something new. We are starting a skateboard company (which if anyone knows us, is right up our alley). It is called Hobo Skate Company, so look for it very soon!
We have 4 beautiful kids: Austin (14), Jacob (11), Sophia (9), and Max (5). I am involved in church with the young women and driving my kids around to soccer games and music lessons. I love running, music (my husband and I are in a band with friends;
he plays guitar, I play bass), concerts, books, traveling and, most of all, my family.
Life is good and I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in a few weeks!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cobbley, Sheila (Nelson)

I've been working for several weeks now on this "Where Are They Now" assignment that we were given. Hopefully this eighth draft is good enough to post.

After high school I followed Wendy Jo Watts up north to Utah State University. I graduated from USU in '92 and went to work for the family business. I returned to school a few years later and got an MBA from BYU. I can't tell you how valuable an MBA has been while raising children-I've taught all my kids the Black-Scholes model before they were potty trained!

I married Ken Nelson (PHS '88) in 1995. We have four great kids: Andy (age 11), Jack (9), Katy (6), and my baby Lucy turned 4 last week! We live in the Phoenix area where my husband works as a patent attorney, and I am a Lady of Leisure.

Our family was in a devastating car accident three years ago. Dealing with the aftermath of that has been difficult and continues to take up a lot of time and effort. Overall, though, life has been pretty darn good.

I was really looking forward to coming to the reunion and spending the 4th of July in Provo but had a conflict arise. Maybe Tawnya Smith & Co. can pull a reunion cruise together for Fall '10. Who's in?

Sheila Cobbley Nelson

Alumni Picnic at Lions Park Provo (part 2)

Alumni Picnic at Lions Park Provo (part 1)

Maxfield, Georgeanna

Ok, so, no I didn't run off and joing the "solid gold dancers" like you may have expected, but that would have been fun, he he he. I was a backup dancer for the Jets during the 1989 Stadium of Fire, but that's really as far as the professional dancing went...So what did I do you might ask, I did just like any 19yr young lady should do...I got married right away!! I married Troy Whiting from the Provo High's Class of 1986. While married I attended and graduated as class victorian and student body president of Stevens Henager College of Business with an Associates Degree in Accounting. We divorced shortly after, and I moved to Arizona 1993. Married again and lived in Mesa, Arizona, Redwood California, Salt Lake, and then back to Chandler Arizona were I've been since 1996. I worked in accounting and finance for 10-12 yrs in various types of construction accounting jobs. My favorite accounting job was working in San Franisco on market street as assistant controller. I divorced again in 2000 and went back to college made a career change in 2005 into property management. I have been working in real estate as a realtor for last 3 years and loving it. I am single now and have one 12 yr old son named Chaz, who is taller than me already, like that is saying much being I stopped growing in Jr High at 5'2". I am still active in dance with ballroom dancing, hip hop, and will be a certified Zumba instructor next month. Zumba is great, it is a form of aerobic dance where you get to work out by dancing. If you haven't Zumba'd yet, you should, it's the bomb!

Thank you,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Calder, Jay

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years…how do I say that at all creatively after reading it 100 different ways? Oh well, the price you pay for being tardy!

After graduation, I went to BYU where I was able to join the swim team, and then left on an LDS mission to Torreon, Mexico. I came home in 1992 and graduated in English in 1995 and also got married that summer to a great girl named Lara Bisgaard from LA that I met in English classes at BYU. I continued at BYU and got my Master’s in English in 1997. In 1998, after moving to Los Angeles, we had our first baby, Anna. You might have seen that birth featured on TLC’s The Baby Story. That was pretty exciting, and she definitely has the coolest birth video of all our kids. In 1999, we had our first boy, Topher, and then we moved to Northern California. In 2001, we moved to Massachusetts to work for HP. During this time, I completed an MBA at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We had our next son, Jacob, in 2003. In 2004, we had the opportunity with HP to move to Boise, Idaho. We were excited to get back to the west although we loved our time back east. We had our fourth baby, Sharon, in 2006 here in Boise. I am still with HP and those are pretty much the highlights.

Our family loves to ski, and all other manner of outdoor activities. Right now we are pretty focused on all our kids’ various activities from sports games to piano recitals. I am really excited about this weekend, it has been fun catching up via all your blogs. My wife keeps a family blog at - check it out.

Lunquist, Davin

After graduating I attended Snow College for one year before and after my mission to Chile. I then transferred to Occidental College in Los Angeles to play football with my brother Erik where I majored in Kinesiology. I graduated from there in 1995 and then went to medical school at USC. During med school I joined the Navy to help offset the cheap tuition at USC. I also got married during my first year of med school. After graduating in 1999 we moved to Bremerton, Washington where I began a residency in Family Medicine at the Naval Hospital there. Unfortunately my marriage started to fall apart and I was separated from my wife. During that time I tried to run away my pain by training for a couple of Portland Marathons. I finished my residency in 2002 and was stationed in Port Hueneme, California (located in Ventura County along the coast). It was a tough job as my clinic overlooked the 5th tee of the base golf course where I spent most mornings before work. Soon after my first marriage ended in divorce, I thought my life was turning out all wrong. But amazingly within the year I met Mitzi Tarazon at a Memorial Day barbeque where mutual friends and family had helped (forced) us to meet. Both of us assumed it was just another lame setup only to be pleasantly surprised that all of the complimentary descriptions were actually true. After about 7 1/2 weeks of blissful dating, we eloped at the Ventura county courthouse. We didn't tell any of our families until the next day, and they were obviously pretty shocked (except for my parents, who were just relieved that my life had been salvaged). Not long after my time with the navy was done and I took a job in Mississippi in a small town. I know, what was I thinking? Not sure, but it was a great experience for my career being a small town family doctor. In the summer of 2004 we were sealed together in the Los Angeles Temple (to the great relief of MItzi's parents). However back in Mississippi, Mitzi didn't really buy into the whole southern lifestyle, although the people definitely lived up to their great hospitality reputation. After 3 years we made it back to Ventura County in California (the promised land), but not before we had given birth to two children, who for better or worse, will always call Jackson, Mississippi their birthplace. Carson is our 3 1/2 year old son and Isabelle is our 2 year old daughter. They are awesome and make our lives better than we could have imagined. I am working at a clinic in Camarillo, California which is a neighboring town to where we live in Oxnard. I practice family medicine and work in the urgent care there as well. We are incredibly blessed and are grateful for our membership in the Church and the wonderful perspective that it brings to our lives. We look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.