Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maxfield, Georgeanna

Ok, so, no I didn't run off and joing the "solid gold dancers" like you may have expected, but that would have been fun, he he he. I was a backup dancer for the Jets during the 1989 Stadium of Fire, but that's really as far as the professional dancing went...So what did I do you might ask, I did just like any 19yr young lady should do...I got married right away!! I married Troy Whiting from the Provo High's Class of 1986. While married I attended and graduated as class victorian and student body president of Stevens Henager College of Business with an Associates Degree in Accounting. We divorced shortly after, and I moved to Arizona 1993. Married again and lived in Mesa, Arizona, Redwood California, Salt Lake, and then back to Chandler Arizona were I've been since 1996. I worked in accounting and finance for 10-12 yrs in various types of construction accounting jobs. My favorite accounting job was working in San Franisco on market street as assistant controller. I divorced again in 2000 and went back to college made a career change in 2005 into property management. I have been working in real estate as a realtor for last 3 years and loving it. I am single now and have one 12 yr old son named Chaz, who is taller than me already, like that is saying much being I stopped growing in Jr High at 5'2". I am still active in dance with ballroom dancing, hip hop, and will be a certified Zumba instructor next month. Zumba is great, it is a form of aerobic dance where you get to work out by dancing. If you haven't Zumba'd yet, you should, it's the bomb!

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