Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brown, Kristie (Rosser)

I am amazed that 20 years have passed! I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way I do--still young, wondering where the time has gone? I have lots of memories of PHS (mostly running, and studying, and running and get the idea).

I finally had time to read through the blog stories that have been posted, and I have really enjoyed reading about everyone, their lives, their families, and what they have been doing for the last 20 years.

As for me? I met my husband Paul Rosser, while I was at BYU. We were both on the track and cross-country teams there (i know, huge cliche'). We moved to Salt Lake City after Paul graduated from BYU so he could coach the University of Utah men's track and cross country teams. I finished up my college running at the U. (Fun to be married to the coach!)
I graduated with my RN from the U and worked at LDS and St. Mark's hospitals in the ICU's.Paul got his RN while at the U, and worked in the Burn Trauma Unit at the U Hospital.

We lived in SLC for 7 years before we moved back to Provo for more schooling. We had our first child, Madison, during our first year of BYU grad school. I think I was defending my thesis about the same time we had our 10th year reunion? We both graduated with our master's and as Nurse Practitioners in 1999. Paul works at the Utah Valley Pain Center in Orem with the interventional radiologists. After more than 10 years specializing in women's health care, I opened my own office "The Women's Center" in Provo just a few months ago. I love the education and disease prevention aspects of what I do. I focus a lot on being healthy and living well.

We added to our family soon after graduation. Jack is 7 (2nd grade) and is very analytical, quite a thinker, and likes to have all the facts, loves legos, transformers, and puzzles, bugs and blood, doesn't seem to have the patience for sports. Georgia is 5 (1st grade) and is a princess all the way! She is very social, has lots of little girl friends, loves to sing and dance Tommy is 4 (pre-k) and might be a line-backer when he gets older, loves to wrestle, and EAT ALL THE TIME. Madison is 10 (5th grade) and loves soccer. She is smart, a great leader, and has a great heart. She loves to run, too, which makes her dad and me very happy. She recently finished 3rd at the district track meet in the 800m. We would LOVE to have a runner in the family and spend the day at track meets again!

We moved to the the Hunter's Valley area of Springville in 2000, and since then, many PHS grads move into the neighborhood. Jennifer (Murphy) Jackson and I share a backyard. Tonya (Smith) Monson and I were team managers for our girls' premier soccer team last year, and her husband is Madison's soccer coach. Maria (Chambers) Ruf and I are on the school board together. Dave Rowe, my old track teammate, annouced my daughters 400m and 800m hershey track wins at Springville High this spring (that was an awesome experience!) Dave's wife, Debbie, is in my ward's relief society presidency, and I was their oldest daughter (Elsie)'s Sunday school teacher last year. Kind of crazy!

I still love running and really enjoy the marathon distance, and have recently taken-up long distance cycling. I love photography and carry my camera everywhere. Paul has won many marathons including Desert News, Park City, Lake Powell, and St. George. His best marathon time of 2:16 qualified him for the Olympic Trials Marathon.

Well, that's about the last 20 years in a nutshell. More to bore you with later. See you all soon!
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