Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coomes, Kiel

Here is a photo of me and one of the wife and kids, sorry I don't have a recent one of all of us together. I don't have any cool stories of the past 20 years to post on th blog page. I Went to Dixie College for a bit after graduation, then went on a short mission to Mexico. Then was dumb and married a girl from St George and we had three boys. She got to mental and too many problems and we were divorced. I spent 13 years working for Smith's grocery store and ended up hating being there. I finished a Criminal Justice degree sometime between all of this at UVSC and went back to what I always wanted to do and be a police officer. I finished the police academy in 2002 and spent time as a reserve officer for Pleasant Grove. I was offered a full time job with Vernal City and moved there in 2005. Between all of the job hunting, divorce, and other things I got custody of my three boys and remarried Chalyce who grew up in American Fork. She too was divorced and had four kids, two boys and two girls. Her kids stayed here when we moved and by then we added one boy of our own. After the first year in Vernal Chalyce was ready to go back home and be closer to her kids. After another two years I gave in and we returned to Utah County in 2008. Chalyce is a Police Officer for American Fork and enjoys working where she grew up and being back close to her kids. Her oldest daughter graduated this year from American Fork High. We live in Lehi and have four boys at all times and two more most times. The girls come and go and it is an age thing for them. I started working for West Jordan City as a Police Officer and am adjusting to the busy job compared to hick town Vernal calls and the red neck locals (sorry if that offends anyone, but if you are from there then you know how it is and can't be offended). It keeps me on edge wondering what call will be next in West Jordan it can get crazy at times. We enjoy camping, ridding four wheelers, and what ever other outdoor things we can find. The kids are Kenzy 18, Josh 16, Karissa 15, Zakk 14, Kade 13, Chandler 10, Keaton 8, and Gabe 7.

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Mark Coulson said...

Hey, Kiel.

Man, you seem to be a glutton for punishment (I'm referring to what sounds like a wild and crazy household with six boys to manage at any given time). For some reason, I know a lot of police officers (in a good way). One works in Lehi and the other in American Fork.

It's great to read over what you've been doing since graduation.

Take care.