Friday, June 26, 2009

Lunquist, Davin

After graduating I attended Snow College for one year before and after my mission to Chile. I then transferred to Occidental College in Los Angeles to play football with my brother Erik where I majored in Kinesiology. I graduated from there in 1995 and then went to medical school at USC. During med school I joined the Navy to help offset the cheap tuition at USC. I also got married during my first year of med school. After graduating in 1999 we moved to Bremerton, Washington where I began a residency in Family Medicine at the Naval Hospital there. Unfortunately my marriage started to fall apart and I was separated from my wife. During that time I tried to run away my pain by training for a couple of Portland Marathons. I finished my residency in 2002 and was stationed in Port Hueneme, California (located in Ventura County along the coast). It was a tough job as my clinic overlooked the 5th tee of the base golf course where I spent most mornings before work. Soon after my first marriage ended in divorce, I thought my life was turning out all wrong. But amazingly within the year I met Mitzi Tarazon at a Memorial Day barbeque where mutual friends and family had helped (forced) us to meet. Both of us assumed it was just another lame setup only to be pleasantly surprised that all of the complimentary descriptions were actually true. After about 7 1/2 weeks of blissful dating, we eloped at the Ventura county courthouse. We didn't tell any of our families until the next day, and they were obviously pretty shocked (except for my parents, who were just relieved that my life had been salvaged). Not long after my time with the navy was done and I took a job in Mississippi in a small town. I know, what was I thinking? Not sure, but it was a great experience for my career being a small town family doctor. In the summer of 2004 we were sealed together in the Los Angeles Temple (to the great relief of MItzi's parents). However back in Mississippi, Mitzi didn't really buy into the whole southern lifestyle, although the people definitely lived up to their great hospitality reputation. After 3 years we made it back to Ventura County in California (the promised land), but not before we had given birth to two children, who for better or worse, will always call Jackson, Mississippi their birthplace. Carson is our 3 1/2 year old son and Isabelle is our 2 year old daughter. They are awesome and make our lives better than we could have imagined. I am working at a clinic in Camarillo, California which is a neighboring town to where we live in Oxnard. I practice family medicine and work in the urgent care there as well. We are incredibly blessed and are grateful for our membership in the Church and the wonderful perspective that it brings to our lives. We look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

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stacie said...

Davin, It's so good to read about you and see pictures. Your wife and kids are beautiful. Sorry I'll miss you at the reunion. I'm glad you are doing well. Tell your Mom and family "hi" from me. It's good to see you're happy and doing so well. Sincerely,
Stacie Timms Haddock