Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doll, Tim

Fellow Bulldawgs, it's a difficult task to sum up 20 years in a few short sentences without it reading like a resume, but here goes:

€ I moved to Texas in the summer of 1989 right after high school.
€ While living among the kind folks in Texas I decided to attend university and attended Texas Tech University, receiving my BFA in Art/Design.
€ After graduating I moved to Dallas where I have lived for the past 13+years (with a short stint in the Reno/Tahoe area)
€ I have worked in both the creative agency side as well as the big corporation side
€ I am a motivated self-starter with excellent communication skills and a true "team player" seeking a synergistic working environment (not really,but I had to throw that in this bulleted list)
€ I met my wife Andrea (a small town Texas girl) while in Dallas (she is also Texas Tech alum) and we were married in 2001
€ In 2003 I jumped out of the corporate shtick and started my own marketing/creative consulting company and have been doing that since. We handle every facet of marketing, creative, and enterprise web development for primarily the tech/telecommunications sector.
€ We have two beautiful daughters Josie (3) and Lily (1.5) and have no further plans to add to our complement
€ In my free time I try not to work
€ We love living in Texas, it gets pretty hot here, but it's home and we love it
€ I have been blessed beyond measure

Looking forward to catching up with old friends at the reunion.

Tim Doll

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Dainon said...


I was glad to bump into you and talk "shop". It's awesome to see that you kept up with your musical abilities. If you're ever up this way again, we'll have to jam.. Just for old times sake!