Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barker, Tiffany & Carter, Matt


Several months ago, I found myself in the halls of Provo High! I was amazed at how much it has changed in the last twenty years. The Library is now the main office, the main office of our day is now the counseling center. A new library has been built where the math trailers once were…needless to say, it is very different. As I am sure most of us have changed; some of us weigh more (or less), some have less hair (or its turning gray), we drive our own cars…A lot has changed!

Shortly after graduation, I started my college education at BYU. My sophomore year in college I was accepted in the Sports Medicine program. I have had a lot of great experiences working with different athletes and athletic teams.

In June of 1992, just prior to my senior year, I decided to serve a mission. I was called to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience! I returned home on Dec. 23rd , 1993, two weeks later I was back at the “Y” ready to finish my degree. That summer and fall I was the head senior student trainer with the football team. It was very time consuming as well as a lot of fun.

After graduating in 1995 in Athletic Training, I started working in West Valley at a Physical Therapy Clinic and with an Orthopedic Surgeon. Part of my job also included covering the athletic teams at Granger High School (8yrs.) and teaching a Sports Medicine class (2yrs.) The time I spent at the High School was great, I worked with a lot of good kids and became a second mom to many. I still work with the same Orthopedic Surgeon one day a week to stay sane (JK), and keep up on my skills.


After stumbling through a year at BYU I served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a great two years in a very wonderful and beautiful place. Following my mission I returned to BYU. After what seemed to be ages I earned a Bachelors (’96) and a Masters degree (’97) in Civil Engineering.

I started working for Parsons Brinckerhoff in Salt Lake City where I still work today. I have mostly worked in project management on large transportation projects such as the I-15 Reconstruction, the University and Medical Center light rail projects, and the FrontRunner North commuter rail project. I am currently the project director of the FrontRunner South project which will run from Salt Lake to Provo.

Our Family:

One year after I returned from my mission I ran into Matt at one of my brother’s Rec. basketball games (he was working for the city). We began dating in Jan. 1995; we were engaged in May, and married in Aug. 11, 1995. We figured there was no need for a long engagement since we had know each other since kindergarten!:)

In 2000, after years of trying to have children, we were blessed with our first daughter, Megan (8), then a son, Drew (6), and finally another girl, Kendall (3). Megan and Drew are carbon copies of Matt (strawberry blond hair and freckles), Kendall is our little Blondie. They all have a lot of energy and are great kids.

We built our home in Highland in 2002. We love the area and don’t plan on going anywhere! We enjoy living close to our extended family and having cousins nearby. I spend my time balancing church callings, part time Athletic Training work, exercising, volunteering at school, and running kids to soccer, swimming, piano, and baseball. Matt still squeezes in some golf between work, the Salt Lake Commute, church callings and home projects. Our family loves to spend time at the Barker ranch in Idaho, the Carter cabin at Strawberry Reservoir, at Lake Powell, in Park City, and attending or participating in sporting events. We look forward to seeing many of you at the reunion and will miss those who are unable to attend.

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Dainon said...

Hi guys! Thanks for letting me be a part of the reunion this year. I need to clarify the "baker" part of my blog.. maybe in a future post. Anyway, after seeing everyone again, I think you two have changed the least of all the couples I ran into. You both still look great! Anyway, It was fun being able to contribute. Thanks again!