Thursday, June 18, 2009

DeWolf, Melanie and Rhineer, Jeff

Hello all,

First off, we are well aware that a joint email account, joint facebook page and/or joint blog are socially unacceptable. We hope you will pardon our indiscretion. We are working parents of 3 small children and a dog and don’t have the energy or creativity to come up with two separate tales. Plus we share a life as well as the aforementioned 3 small children and a dog. It is highly likely that our two reports of life over the last 20 years might be somewhat redundant.

We were married in January 1994 and Melanie finished her degree at BYU in the Spring. Yes she was a BYU cheerleader. No she did not become a professional cheerleader as predicted at the end of our senior year. In the summer of ’94 we moved to Salt Lake so that Jeff could wrap up his degree at the U. After Jeff’s graduation we moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming where Jeff took a job as a sportscaster and we haven’t stopped moving since. After Wyoming, we moved to Redding, California and then Austin, Texas. We moved back to the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake almost four years ago.

Jeff has had an amazing career as a sportscaster. You can catch him most weekends on Fox 13. Biggest perks so far include:
- On the field for a 49ers game and a Raiders game all in the same day.
- On the field for the Superbowl in Houston. (Up close and personal for Janet’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction.”)
- Covering the Longhorns during their College World Series and Rose Bowl victories. (Hook ‘em Horns!)
- And, most recently, courtside Jazz vs. Lakers at the playoffs in L.A.

Biggest cons so far include:
- Too many weekends and holidays spent at work.
- Having to take off makeup after a long day at work.

Melanie’s career has been decidedly less interesting, but slightly more stable. She has worked at ADP in the Benefits Division for the last 15 years. She is currently managing about a dozen Project Managers in the Implementation group. Anyone PMP certified and looking for a job?

Our three children are a sometimes enchanting and sometimes horrifying reflections of both of us. Mia is almost 9 and will be starting the fourth grade. Maximus is 5 and will be starting kindergarten this Fall. Talia is 2 and would be starting to get on our nerves if those big blue eyes and curly blonde locks weren’t so adorable. They are a loud and boisterous and fun and creative crew.

In our free time we love to travel and explore. In the last few years as our family has grown and the proximity to Southern California has shrunk, we find ourselves more and more often at Disneyland. The attached pics are from a few of our most recent trips and a tubing excursion last winter.

Someday we hope to write books, host a cooking show, produce a major motion picture, be contenders on “Dancing with the Stars,” run a wildly successful company, and see our kids grow into wonderful and well-adjusted adults. For right now, we are happy and healthy and looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.


The Rhineers


Anonymous said...

We see Jeff regularly on Fox 13 ~ my girls - think it is cool~ I went grew up with someone Famous! What a neat life the two of have lead! Melissa Wilson Thornburgh

Sheila said...

So good to catch-up with the DeWolf/Rhineer family. We should rendezvous in Disneyland some! I wont be at the reunion but look forward to your full report :)

Anonymous said...

HI THERE MELANIE ITS ME JASON Marks we were in the same class at Brookdale school along with Scott M , Jason Lee to name a few. So that you know who I am and I, m the one that kissed you in the locker room of the school and I took a picture of you smiling