Saturday, June 6, 2009

Densley, Tiffany (Bennion)

I married Chuck Bennion (Class of 85) in the summer of 1990. Two years later we headed off to Washington D.C. for Chuck to attend law school at George Washington University. There I did my final work in student teaching for my elementary education degree. I graduated from BYU in December 1992. I then worked in Senator Bennett's office for two and a half years while Chuck went to school. I loved working there. I made many friends and gave tours of the Capitol to people visiting from Utah.

I had my first daughter, Hannah, in 1994, in Washington, D.C. After Chuck graduated we moved to Carson City Nevada for a year while he worked as a law clerk for the Nevada Supreme Court. We then moved to Las Vegas in 1996, where we have lived since. Shortly after moving to Las Vegas I had my first son, Charles. He was followed by Katherine, Amanda, Wlliam, and 10 months ago Samuel.

The past 14 years have been full of raising my six children and I have loved it. The preganancies are killer, but the product has been worth it. We have also had two foreign exchange students from Yemen live in our home. They were sisters, Yasmin and Nesreen, and they each stayed with us separately for a full school year. They are like our daughters. It was fun to learn about their culture and religion. Their family is in the process of trying to immigrate to the U.S. We currently have a "domestic exchange student," one of the players from the AAU basketball team Chuck coaches. He is a 6'3" 12 year old who struggled with academics. He has lived with us this semester and been a part of our family. He is also not a member of our faith, but has enjoyed participating in our traditions. So it seems our family never stops growing! Hannah is now 14, Charles 12, Kate 10, Amanda 7, William 4 and Samuel 10 months.

Even though we live far from Provo, our kids are all Bulldogs. Whenever we go back to Provo to visit my family we make sure to drive by Provo High and we all sing the fight song. It is a fun family tradition.

I still enjoy swimming, and do my best to swm a mile a couple of times a week. Thank heaven for family who is able to help! Chuck, a former cross-country and track runner, does his best to get me running, but I have yet to catch that vision. However, I did my first triathlon two years ago at Lake Powell, and I will be running the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay, so I am giving running the college try!


It is fun to think back on all the different people I really enjoyed at Provo High. I hope life is going well for each of you.


stacie said...

Good to see you Tiffany. Cute pictures. Say "hi" to Chuck from me. Good luck running the Wasatch Back in a couple of weeks. I'm jealous. I ran it last year with my husband. It is so fun but very tiring, esp. on your last leg.

Eric-n-Ali said...

Hi Tiff! Good to see your adorable family on the PHS class of '89 blog! Are you coming to the reunion?