Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thurman, Heather (Richins)

When you see me at the reunion you are bound to say (to yourself hopefully) Oooh look, it’s Heather Thurman. Yes, it really has been 30, I mean 20 years……

Just like all of you a lot has happened in those years. After high school, I attended and graduated from UVSC while working retail at the infamous University Mall. During that time I met and married Brent Richins. Within our first years as a married couple we moved to Salt Lake where I continued to work retail (boo!) and then moved to Patient Accounting at the U of U Hospital - until an amazing gift came to our home our daughter, Alexis. I became a mom over night by “special delivery”, a miracle & true blessing. I completely dove into the mom roll because 14 months later, our oldest son Nicholas was born. Four years of no kids, traveling and late nights where traded practically overnight for 2 kids, diapers, no sleep and even later nights.

Life must have been going too well because a job change took us from everything we were used to, to Denver, Colorado. The first thing I learned was how to buy a house by myself and for six years, I learned to live away from my friends and family. It ended up being the best experience. We loved it in Denver. I started my own business called Sew Cute 4 Kids where I taught kids to sew. I had a great time teaching and continue to dabble in this business to this day. While there our third baby was born, Benjamin.

Once again, life must have been going too well. This time a job offer took us to a completely foreign country……..Southern California. Once again, I bought a house….by myself and we hauled all our stuff and three kids across three states. Ask Rana Barton about that move. She was my husband’s second wife for that adventure. While in “SoCal”, as me and homies call it, we spent a lot of time at the beach and our home away from home, Disneyland. (We still mourn the day that our season passes to Disneyland expired.) It was a short 18 months in California when yet another job offer threw our life in the air again!

Since 2006 my family has been living back in Colorado in the Vail Valley. We live in Gypsum, Colorado which sits about 30 minutes west of Vail and about 30 minutes east of Glenwood Springs. Small town, beautiful valley, cold winters and high property taxes. Even paradise has a price! Since being back in Colorado our fourth baby, Rowen was born. I continue to work a little and volunteer at the schools since my job as a mother is definitely more than full time.

In case you lost track, let me recap. 20 years, 4 moves, 3 states, 4 kids, (Alexis 13, Nicholas 12, Benjamin 7, Rowen 18 months). 3 months of complete bed rest with each of the last 3 pregnancies chocolate and candy was NOT included.

However, end result - Totally worth it! 1dog, numerous friends, no regrets.

It’s great to read and catch up with everyone.

Wishing all of you the best!

Heather Thurman Richins

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JoAnna Jacobson said...

What a beautiful family you have. I love your littlest one, what a cutie. Sounds like life is treating you great... Good Job.

Jo Jacobson