Friday, June 12, 2009

Rowe, David

Hello PHS Friends!

I married Debbie Nielsen 17 years ago after going on a mission to Guatemala. We both graduated from BYU a few years later. I went into teaching and Deb stayed home with the kids. After teaching a few years in Provo I went into administration and currently am the principal of Art City Elementary in Springville. We moved from Grandview Hill to Springville 3 years ago.

We are living the dream with our great children: Elsie (14), Bryce (12), Owen (9), Abbie (7), Lydia (5) and Spencer (2).

Thanks to all involved in planning the reunion. I look forward to seeing everyone.



Anonymous said...

Dave what a great family! I can see you being a fun teacher like Mr Unger at Grandview in 6th grade! I bet the kids love ya!
Melissa Wilson Thornburgh

Eric-n-Ali said...

Dave - it has been fun seeing your family grow over the years! You and Debbie are great! love ya, Alison

Mark Coulson said...

Which mission in Guatemala? There're at least three of us from PHS that served in the "Land of Eternal Spring."