Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Horsley, Rick

It has been a wonderful 20 years. I always tell my wife that I would do 18 again and go back to high school. I have such great memories of Provo High and it is always fun to watch movies from the era and just laugh. I love 16 Candles and Better off Dead. Love the music as well, had a chance to see Depeche Mode, Erasure, and Duran Duran a few years back and I broke out the sock tie, tucked it into my shirt, and broke out the lighter to ask for an encore. My wife thinks I am a bit nuts.

After High school, I had a younger brother Matt pass away from Cancer. He passed away on Dec 31 1989, which was really a ruff time for me.He was a sophomore at PHS, so there are many a times, even now I think about my brother. We nick named him "The Colt" , so I understand how life can be cut short, so we need to live life to the fullest. I left 3 weeks later to serve a Mission in London, England and returned and attended BYU.

While attending BYU, I lived at the Palace, Ivy Tower, and Stake Dances trying to find some social acceptance. I thought I could find happiness, but as the night came to a close and you are rocking to the music, I think you get a little night drunk and your defenses start to drop. The ladies in the house get more attractive, you start the socializing, and then reality sets in when the lights turn on. You take inventory, check for car keys, and make a quick dash home to take a quick shower and wait in bed till your hearing comes back vowing never to return.......but you always do.

I met my wife, Emily through a blind date, 1990's version of eHarmony. We met in Jan 1996, proposed in April, and closed the deal in July.We have never looked back and are incredibly happy. I received a job moving out the the Bay Area, CA where we lived in Mountain View for 6years. Had some kids, moved back to Highland, Utah where we had some more kids. We have 2 Boys 2 Girls with one on the way. Occupation wise, I still own a bookstore and cafe in Provo, but on a day to day I spend all my time starting a software company called Boostability.

Looking forward to seeing you all, if the DJ is taking request for music I would like them to play Richard Marx "Hold on to the Night".Nothing better being amongst friends, drinking Kool aid, and dancing with the person you came with. See you soon.

Rick Horsley


Eric-n-Ali said...

Hi Rick -- Boostability? Sounds interesting! Good luck with your business adventures! Good to see you still have a fantastic sense of humor.
Alison Lohner Rogers

Kyle said...

Hi Rick -

I left a similar post on Loren's post, but if you are interested in talking by phone look me up in Mesa, Arizona and lets' talk about the old times in the neighborhood. Reading your post, and thinking about Matt brought back a lot of memories for me. I left in 86' but I am still a Bulldog at heart.


Kyle Thornton