Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liu, Loren

Back when I roamed the halls of Provo High as a skinny kid with big glasses, I never could have imagined my life as it is now. I converted to the LDS church at the age of 21 and seven years later I met my best friend and future wife, April, in a BYU singles ward. After attending the schools of the Wasatch Front: BYU, UVSC, U of U and finally Weber State. I found a career I had no qualms about getting out of bed and commuting too. I now work at the U of U Hospital Medical Lab as a Medical Technologist (in other words I work in a lab).

Now that I am finally done with school we recently moved to Eagle Mountain, UT to raise our family in. I am now the father of five great kids: Anna (8), Edison (6), Schafer (2), and our twins Gavin and Charlotte (9 months).

Thanks to everyone for putting together the blog and sending in their bio as I will not be able to attend the reunion, it has been great fun reading all the postings.


Staci said...

It was great to run into you at lunch a few years ago. I'm sad you won't be at the reunion this weekend - it would have been great to see you again.

Kyle said...

Hi Loren -

It has been some time, but I can still remember our time together back in the neighborhood. You may never come back to this page, but if you do please look me up in Mesa, Arizona and let's talk.

Kyle Thornton