Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bernardi, Bill

It seems like time has sped up for me as well, 20 years seems like we are getting old or something. I related to someone the other day..I used to take Tylenol after physical activity and got injured, 5-10 years ago I might of taken something in the middle of the day, if it was an all day project. Now I have to ask myself if I should be taking something before I start the activity. Sad, but true.

I am excited to see some old friends at the reunion. I didn’t fall too far from the family tree and landed in Vineyard (West Orem). So, still being a local I do see some of the alumni around at the stores and throughout town.

I continued my education at UVSC for a year, served in the St Louis Missouri Mission, came back to UVSC and was one of the first graduates with a Bachelors in Business Management, 1995. During college life, I meet my wife Johanna (AF-Cavewoman), married her in 1994. I was in sales, then management at Sears Auto Center for 6 years, and then in Jan 2000 I left retail (woo hoo) and worked at some local software companies for 1.5 years in marketing. After riding that rollercoaster, I went back to selling…in the closet industry for the last 8 years. Through the last year of economic woes, I came to the conclusion that I needed to take control and start my own closet company…so this Spring, I decided to jump off and brave the storm… I started a company called Cutting Edge Closets and Design, based here in Orem. So far, so good. Ask me at the 25 year reunion if it was a good decision. :-) haha.

We have lived here in Vineyard area for the last 12 years. After 15 years of marriage, we finally figured out that we could have children…Madi, 7yrs, Livi, 5yrs, and Cole 2yrs. We love them, even though sometimes there are sleepless nights and all kinds of body fluids to change and wipe. I guess they are keepers?

I hope everyone is well. See this weekend.



Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Its Michele Barlow. Do you remember me? Its good to hear about you and your family. Its about time you started with the family. They are all so cute. Good luck with your business. Talk with you at the reunion. Michele

Amy said...

Billy...I can only say your name with the "y". It is so good to see an update of you and your family. It immediately brought me to think about the only picture I have of you and I...it is of us as the the little French boy and girl in a 2nd grade production! That got me laughing this morning!!!

Your family is beautiful.

Amy (Dalebout) Kimball