Monday, June 8, 2009

Johnson, Jennifer (Tittensor)

I officially feel old doing this. These 20 years seem like a blink of an eye.

I saw several of you at the 5 year reunion, when I was just finishing my Bachelors degree in Human Biology at the University of Utah. I married Zach in 1993, my best friend and still wonderful husband after 16 years! Graduated from med school from the U in 1999. Went to University of Arizona in Tucson for more torture--oops I mean surgery residency, and finished in 2004.

The best day of my life was March 15, 2005 when my daughter Darielle was born. She has changed everything, and I don't know how I lived without her, now she's here.

I stayed on staff at U of A for 2 years, torturing (oops, I mean teaching,) other residents. Zach and I thought it would be nice to come home again, so in August of 2006 we moved back to Utah county. We currently live in Highland. Darielle gets cuter by the day. Zach is an awesome stay at home dad, and road bikes on a professional level. I am juggling my busy general surgery practice with being a wife and mother. My second homes are Timpanogos and American Fork Hospitals.

Zach will be out of town at another bike race, but my sister and I will be at dinner. Hope to see many of you there!!


Bennions said...

Your daughter is a doll. Way to go with all your education. I'm glad to hear you have done so well. Tiffany Densley Bennion

Anonymous said...

Jen, beautiful family! You are amazing! What an acomplishment to be a surgeon! It will be good to see you again at the reunion! I also think Jen Hohrien's mom is the head nurse at your clinic- my Aunt Vicky! How awesome! Your daughter looks just like you - beautiful! Melissa Wilson THornburgh