Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wilson, Melissa (Thornburgh)

20 years have passed and it is hard to believe, I don’t feel old, and in my opinion don’t look old. But here we are looking to reunite with our fellow Bulldogs, 20 years later.

I see High School as a time that I tried different pieces of a puzzle to find my niche. I was the quiet shy girl, who kept to myself most times and many of my friends were back then referred to as the Wavers and Skaters now they would be either Punk or Goth. I never fit the quintessential, nerd, basket case, jock or miss popular, when I look back I was, just me.

In 1992, I had enough of the small town of Provo and never felt I fit in, especially being the non Mormon girl, so off I moved to Salt Lake City, where the Rock Scene was much bigger than Provo could handle, you could say the local Rock and Roll Scene in SLC was our Sunset Strip.
The guys were prettier than the girls, and there was always a local head bangin’ band playing at Coronas Rockn’ R or Rafters. Loving the Rock in Roll night life and Preschool teacher by day, I met my first husband at Corona’s, he was an aspiring musician, who played the drums and he looked just like Tommy Lee, minus the Tattoo’s. We married in 1993 and lived our version of the Sunset Strip, Long Hair’s and Bars and Bands. Since we lived the life style and I was going to College in the day what better way to put myself through school than waitress at Rafters. I spent 2.5 years as a waitress, and made money that paid for my associates in Health Science and Medical Assisting without student loans, I got to hang with bands like Quiet Riot, April Wine, Bullet Boys, LA Guns, Salty Dog, met Skid Row, and Jackyl and Tesla and many more. I graduated from College in 1994 on the Dean’s List and have worked in Asthma, Allergy and Collections ever since. In 1996 my 1st husband and I decided it was time to give up our rock and roll life style and start a family. In 1997 our beautiful daughter Jubilee Shae was born. After 11 years and 10 years of marriage, and a lot of growing up, my 1st husband and I had actually grown apart and I couldn’t handle the control and criticism that came with being married to “Tommy Lee’s Twin”. We divorced in 2003. Three weeks later I lost my mom at age 50, to a cardiac arrhythmia, it was a hard year.
However amongst all the Tragedy of 2003, I was reunited with my high school boyfriend, who I had always loved, Chad Thornburgh, my little skate rat. Who would have thought the ROCKER Chic with the SKATE Punk? Seeing Chad again was like 14 years we apart never happen.
The only good thing of being a part was I have my Jubi.
Chad and I married in 2004 in Las Vegas at the top of the Stratosphere, with our two best friends Bill and Angie Duke by our side.
It was one of my happiest days to finally become Mrs. Chad Thornburgh. Some things though never change, we still have very different opinions when it comes to music, but when you have known each other since you were six, there are no secrets. Chad works hard to take care of us at Tesoro Oil Refinery, crazy shift work but it pays the bills. And yes, he still does skate, falls hurt a little more than 20 years ago but give him an empty pool and a six pack and he is ready to roll. Some things never change!
In February 2006 our beautiful baby girl Jetta Angie was born, she is our sassy red head, who speaks her mind.
Who does she get that from, well a little a bit from both of us! I am no longer the quite, shy, girl who never smiles. I am confident, independent, and so happy to have been blessed with such a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls, and of course two crazy dogs. Together Chad and I are Livin’ the Dream in Murray, Utah.

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Nancy Davis said...

I love that picture of you from our escape from Ut. trip to Washington St. That was fun. You kids are beautiful and you are super lucky to have a wonderful little family.
love ya,