Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dennis, Chris

Geez, it seems almost like an AA meeting (what with all of us confessing how old we are), but we'll get a lot older, I'm sure, and then we'll wish we were still 37. Anyway, I can't really sum up the last 20 years. I don't think I'll even attempt to, because that would take a long time! Time is money, so tell me where to send the bill. Kidding, but I'll keep this short and sweet. Here are the highlights of my life in the last 20 years...

Went to BYU (graduated with a BA in Music in '96)
Served a mission to Poland (don't remember Polish anymore, though)
Graduated from MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies) with a Russian Translation degree in 1998 (it was overpriced and the degrees isn't too useful, so I don't recommend it)
Got hired at where I still work as a Database Developer (don't bother pointing out that this has absolutely nothing to with my degrees in Russian and Music, but it pays the bills)
Married Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Smirnova from Russia in '97 and now she's just known as Katya Dennis (so much for the exotic flavor of that name).
Had two kids (Dimitri, 6, and Victor, 3)
I have been teaching piano on Saturdays for the last 12 years (much more fun than writing code)
I have composed about 20-30 piano pieces and a dozen church hymn arrangements (some of which not suitable for young listeners)
I currently live in Felton, CA - very nice forested area with trees, birds, nature and lots of hippies
I have grown my hair out since this picture of me and my family looking our righteous-est
A partner and I started a company called Maddock Properties (visit my website, It's just new, but we plan to go big and I will retire by age 40 - mark my words. I have to because I don't like the working world - life's too short.
I have purchased three houses in California, six in Texas, two in Oklahoma, five in Pennsylvania and one in Costa Rica. I can explain later.

I guess that's it. I'll quit now and let you read other profiles. See you all at the reunion.

Chris Dennis

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