Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jackson, Leisa (Hokanson)

Hello everyone! It's been so fun to read about what everyone has been doing the last 20 years! I won't be able to attend the reunion so this is so great to connect this way! I feel like I've been so out of the loop as my parents moved so many times and we have lived outside of Utah for 13 years now! Time flies so fast, doesn't it? A little about me since high school...After graduation I continued to work at Mountainland Association of Governments as an office assistant while attending UVCC. I graduated from there in 1991 with an Associates Degree as an Executive Assistant. While attending school there I met my husband, Wayne (Julie Ashby's cousin!) and we married in December of 1991. He then transferred to BYU and graduated from there with his Bachelor degree in the field of Manufacturing Engineering in 1995. In those few years we welcomed a son and daughter into our home. Heather was born in '92 and Tyler in '94. We then moved to Oklahoma where Wayne worked for Eaton Corp. and lived there 4 1/2 years until they transferred us to Minnesota. In Oklahoma Adam was born in '95 and Becky was born in '97. We lived in Minnesota for 7 years and absolutely loved it! While there we had 3 more kids--Gordon in '01, Kevin in '02 and Nathan in '05. While in Minnesota Wayne had a change in companies (now working for DS Brown) and we transferred here to Ohio where we have lived for 2 years now--and, yes one last baby, Katie, was born when we moved here in '07! I have been so blessed to be home with my children since the day Heather was born! It has been a great joy to be a mom even with all the challenges that come with it! I wouldn't change anything in the last 20 years! I have learned so much from joys and trials and experiences that we have had along the way. Besides being a mom and currently serving as the early-morning seminary teacher, I still find time to sew and scrapbook and have started a blog to keep family and friends up to date on our family (www.hokansonshome.blogspot..com)! I love the day we live in that makes it so easy to keep in touch--so please do!

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Dainon said...


April and I missed seeing you. We have been following your blog. I'm amazed at your abilities to manage such a large family, and that you have maintained the level of spirituality that made your friendship so valuable all those years ago. If you are ever in the neighborhood (state??) look us up!