Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wood, Travis

I was introduced to my beautiful wife after my mission (Australia, Adelaide Mission). We later married, studied at BYU together and graduated together.

We then moved to the East Coast for 6 years. There I received an MBA degree and pursued a Wall Street-related career (financial public relations) in New York City.

Unexpectedly earlier this decade, a bad economy later worsened by the 9-11 catastrophes (my office was 38 streets north of the Towers) brought a return to Utah, change in career and pretty much a “start from scratch.”

Fortunately life goes on and I’m now in Sales & Marketing at a business software company in Salt Lake City. (And I get to provide sales training I’ve created to new employees.)

We’ve been blessed with 3 wonderful children born in 3 different states – 11yr-old Derrick, who was born in the “First State” – Delaware; our second child, 9yr-old McKenna, who was born in the beautiful “Garden State” – New Jersey; (no child was born while we lived in “The Old Line State” – Maryland); and our 3rd child, 5yr-old Alex, was born in the “Bulldog State” – Utah

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Melissa Wilson Thornburgh said...

I need to get out my 3rd grad birthday party pics~ you haven't changed. Excited to see you and meet your family at the reunion! Melissa Wilson Thornburgh