Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stephenson, Dede (Plummer)

Hello fellow Bulldogs! It has been fun reading about what you have all been up to the last 20 years.

After graduation I gathered up my stuff and moved to SLC to attend the University of Utah. After changing my major a few times, I finally settled on Exercise Physiology and graduated in 1994. While I was home for Thanksgiving in 1991, I gave an old friend who had just returned from his mission a call to catch up. 8 months later, in June of 1992, I married Ed Plummer (PHS ’88).

Putting that degree to good work, I got a job working for the US Postal Service and worked putting Ed through school as he got his BS and MBA from the U. Just to make it interesting we added 3 kids to the mix (Rian, 15; Samantha, 10 & Hank, 7). In 2001, after working for the USPS for 5 years and 2 years for eBay, I retired from the work force and became a stay at home mom.

In 2002, we began our new gypsy life as we follow my husbands career around the Northeast. We left Utah and moved to Manhattan. We had a wonderful 2 years there. We then headed off to Greensboro, NC for 3 years. Now we are back in the NYC suburb of Short Hills, NJ while my husband commutes into Manhattan for his job as a VP with American Express.

Like many of you, my days are filled with kids and their activities. I try to mix it up with running and projects around the house. I’m still a total nerd and always have my nose in a book.
I’m going to miss the reunion since we live in NJ and my kids are still in school. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

-- dede

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Staci said...

I was really looking forward to a sarcastic evening with the Plummers. I'll bide my time and see you in August.