Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chamberlin, Tony

Hello to all my fellow grads out there! It’s been fun to read through all the blogs here and see all the amazing things everyone has been up to. The 20 year reunion snuck up on me somehow, but it will fun to see everyone there. After high school I decided to get right into some college classes to get a jump on a degree. That turned out to be a little ironic since I dropped out later on and I didn’t end going back and getting that degree until 2002, but I’m getting ahead of myself already. I took a few classes at UVSC and then transferred to BYU. After a year there I went on a mission for the LDS church, to a Spanish speaking mission in Ventura, California. It was a great experience and I loved learning Spanish and meeting people from all over the Spanish speaking world.

When I got home in the summer of 1992 I returned to school at BYU and I met my future wife and best friend Kayleen who is from Minnesota. She was roommates in Salt Lake City with her cousin who was a friend of mine so we met through her cousin. We started dating, got engaged that Thanksgiving and we were married the next spring. When that school year at BYU was done we moved to California so I could work in real estate as a loan officer and make some money for school. While living there our first daughter Valerie was born. After a year of trying that I found it wasn’t as good of a money making opportunity as we had hoped so we moved back to Utah.

I started working in a call center in Ogden and worked my way up to be a sales supervisor. I worked with that company for 4 years in Ogden and then in Logan. While we lived in those areas our other two daughters Samantha and Alyssa were born. When then decided to move to the Duluth Minnesota area where my wife grew up and her parents still had a dairy farm. I worked as a training manager for a sales company there and enjoyed that area a lot except for the winter months. After a year there we moved back to the Provo area.

I decided it was time to get serious about a college degree again so I started night classes at the University of Phoenix for an Information Systems degree while working during the day. Luckily, a friend at school gave me the idea to start work as a software tester and I was able to get work testing web pages for online auto insurance. I worked testing software for different companies while finishing my degree and liked the work so much I’ve stayed with it. We lived in Davis County while I was in school and we now live in Lehi, UT. I’ve been working with Raytheon for 5 years now and I’m currently a team lead for a testing team there. My wife is now a certified EMT and is looking forward to more medical training. Our daughters now 15, 13 and 11 all love soccer and we keep busy getting them to the games and practices and cheering them on. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Tony Chamberlin


Amy Burton Clay said...

Hey Tony,
It is great to see you and your family all looking so happy! I'm looking forward to reconnecting at the reunion. Some of my best high school memories seem to have you in them.

Dainon said...

Just looking at your family pic... Noticing that you have the opposite problem that we have, three girls, no boys... Maybe we could start a family exchange program.. You know like the foreign students do? April says no... well, we're looking forward to seeing you again!