Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barton, Rana

How does one sum up 20 years without sounding to boring or smug? I figured I’d answer the same questions that come to mind when I hear a familiar name from high school. So let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty. Let the fun begin! Please note in advance… I love to use “…” and I don’t believe in sentence structure when I post something on a blog. Just fair warning.

Did they get married? I haven’t so far. However… I like to think that the second I become interested in being married I’ll do something about it. I also reserve the right to change my mind about any topic at any point in the future. There is always something new to learn…

Do they have children? That would be a resounding no… none of my own. I have plenty of friends and family to supply me with one whenever I have the urge. This way I can give it back after I’ve let it do (mostly) whatever it wants. Even the little dog that lives with me knows we hang out on a trial basis. I’m not exactly certain when I started to think in terms of ‘this is my space’.

Where do they live? I live in Salt Lake (Sugarhouse) currently. I moved back to Utah in 2005 after spending 8’ish years exploring New England living in New Hampshire, Boston and on Cape Cod. I love the east and miss it very much (everything but the black flies and mosquitoes).

Where do they work? I worked for Fidelity Investments from 1993 – 2003 and again after a three year vacation (that’s a story that has both a long and a short version) from 2006-2008. I started working for Goldman Sachs in January this year. Which is exactly when I discovered that I had “matured”. Very nearly every person I work with is about 23! Oh for life to be that simple again and when I think of the money they (translated I’ve) wasted…

How is it I ever thought I was fat during High School? About a year ago when I realized I may be seeing people who would remember me as looking… let’s say somewhat different. I calculated how much weight I wanted to lose (each month, each week and each day… for the record I did not make any hourly calculations). I figured with such a defined and easily measurable goal it would be a success. We’ll just say the plan didn’t work the way I thought it would.

Are they doing what they dreamed of doing? Well for me… I like to think of myself as a bit like Susan Boyle (if you don’t know who that is you really need to get out more… so get on online and go to You Tube) albeit ten years younger, with better eyebrows and cuter shoes. “Here’s hoping this will be the chance.” I just have to figure out what the dream is before Simon asks me!! I’m afraid I let living keep getting in my way.

And finally… Is anyone really interested in knowing what I’m doing? The answer is YES. I’ll put it this way. I never work less than 50 hours a week… I relish my sleep… I’ll need to be up in about five hours and I work at a place that really makes me use my brain. However I find myself on the Provo High blog and on Facebook catching up on the little details of people I knew when...

Best wishes to all… enjoy life!

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Quinn Clegg said...

Hello Rana,I sort of know you,I know your sister Racheal. We had classes together.I technically could've graduated from Provo High School in 1989 However,I was mainstreamed out of special education classes in the 4th grade at Westridge Elementary in 1981.The result was that I ended up being held back a year.That was a cruel expiriment on their part.So I ended up graduating with the class of 1990 instead.The only thing I could do is make the best of it.My expirience in Provo's Public Education System was sort of weird,I ended up being the oldest in my class.The PHS Class Of 1990. The story starts out like this,I started school in 1976 at Joaquin Elementary and was in Special Education Classes when I started school at Westridge in the fall of 1980. It was in the spring of 1981 that I was mainstreamed out of special education.I was under the impression at that time that they would keep me going up with you guys. But they didn't,So,I got held back a year. The reason I was put in special education is because I have a mild form of Autism. Anyhow,To make a long story short it took until I was 14 to come out of it.Since then it has been a real struggle. I sucessfully graduated from Provo High in 1990,But had most of my friends in the class of 1989. My mother and myself have discussed this,We have come to consensus that it was a mean trick on their part for doing that.

Since leaving high school in 1990,I've worked for Provo School District as a custodian at Grandview Elementary,Oakridge School,Farrar for one year and I'm currently working at Timpview High School. I must add that Oakridge was the funnest place to work,I worked their from 1997-2005 (It closed down).I also spent much of the 1990's with a 35 millimeter camera riding my bicycle,photographing trains. I've always loved trains. Other interests include,Reading books on UFO's and Government Conspiracies.I became a real fan of the TV Show The X-Files.In 2006 I bought myself a 7.2 mega pixel camera. I take cloud and moon photographs as well scenary photographs. I send them into KSL and the Weather Channel.I also like classic hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Anyhow,That's my story on life after high school. If you want to contact me my e-mail address is