Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cox, Vickie (Kingsford)

I don't know about the rest of you but I have these spaces of time that are blurry. I don't know if my mind isn't working or if it's actually protecting me from something scary. In all seriousness I remember enough to share a few highlights of the past 20 years. After graduating I spent the first year and a half helping my parents manage The Silver Fox Campground. It no longer exists and I believe there is now a Home Depot in that location. It was something to pass time and pay for anything I wanted to do.

After we broke away from there I went to Mary Kawakami Cosmetology school on center street(which I believe is no longer there either!). I finished with school, got my license, and started working at Command Performance in November of '91. I spent a long seven months working there before I quit to go on a mission. July of '92-Jan. of '94 I was in the Massachusetts, Boston Mission. It was a fabulous time of my life. And the best part of my mission came when I came home and found out that one of my good friends from the mission field was going to school at UVSC in preparation to transfer to BYU. His name: Troy Kingsford of Newbury Park, Calif. Within two months of being home I was engaged and married in Sept. '94. I always have cut hair for family and friends, but with a husband to put through school I found a job with better pay and better benefits at MegaDiamond in Provo. I worked there for five years while Troy got his Masters of Accountancy at BYU and we had our first two children. Emily, 12(Nov.'96) and Rachel,10(March '99). In June of '99 we moved to Mesa, Arizona. My husband got his first job with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Phoenix. We lived in Mesa for the next 8 years before we made a big jump to Gilbert, Az. Just south of Mesa. We almost melt every summer, but somehow we make it through and enjoy every minute of the perfect winter weather. We have added four more children to the mix here in Az. Robert-71/2(Oct.'01), Logan-6(March '03), Ethan-4(Nov. '04), and Laci-11/2(Sept. '07). Laci put us in the spot light for a brief moment. She was the first baby born at a new hospital in Gilbert. We made the evening news and the papers. It was crazy! I am a mom trying to keep her head above water. I helped coach one of my boys T-ball teams this spring and loved it! Most of my time is spent doing whatever my family needs me to do. So there isn't much else to fill you in on. I wish I could come to the reunion I'm really bumbed that I will miss the chance to catch up with some of you.

My girls Caralee and Jo; whom I love very much! Have stayed in touch since High School and I know they will fill me in on all the fun I will miss out on.All the best to all of you!

Vickie Kingsford (Cox)


Michelle said...

It is to bad your will miss the reunion I would have loved to see you. I've always wondered what adventure you had gone off to.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could be at the reunion it would be great to see you. I miss talking to you.