Monday, April 27, 2009

Benson, Beverly (Terry)

After High School I did what any normal person did, went to BYU! Okay, not all normal people, but that's where I went. I moved out on my own and had a wonderful college experience. Three years after high school, I served in the Texas Houston East Mission, met my husband Spencer (yes, one of those), chased him when he got home and married a year later. Graduated from the Y in Recreation Management, Youth Leadership. Had our first daughter Felicia (age 13) in Idaho, second daughter Bethany in Logan (died 1998), Alexis (age 10) in Logan, Megan (age 7) in Layton and Kathryn (Age 3) in Layton. We moved to Roy (in 1999) after my husband got a job at Hill AFB and now live in Hooper, Utah for the past year.

My life is that of a typical stay-at-home soccer mom. That's our life and we love it. As our children get older they have branched out into other things like violin, basketball, track and piano, etc. My hobbies include playing basketball two times a week and exercising. That's the drug of my choice to keep my sanity with all the things I have to do (chasing my kids around). We've taken some wonderful trips together as a family and love doing so whenever we get the chance. Excited to see all at the family picnic. We have a family reunion the night of the dinner, so hopefully we can see most of you on Friday.

Beverly Benson Terry

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Todd said...

That is so cool. I was born in Hooper. I lived directly across the street north of the park.