Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mark Coulson

Hello, fellow PHS '89 alums.

Two decades gone by, and what have I got to show for it? Some good, some bad.

The bad includes even less hair on the top of my head and about 40 more pounds around my middle. And I'm not yet a successful, published writer.

The good includes a loving, hard-working wife (a Pleasant Grove, Utah, native) of almost 13 years and four children (two girls and two boys ranging in age from 10 to 3) who are simultaneously a joy and a frustration (the kids that is); I have a good job as a proofreader and am a homeowner; I graduated from BYU in '97 with a BA in English; and I served an LDS mission in Guatemala from June 1990 to June 1992.

I hope to get reacquainted and caught up with many of you through this blog and the reunion festivities planned for June(?).

Go Bulldogs! Take State!

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