Friday, December 5, 2008

Where are they Now? - Mike Hugo

20 Years!!! Where did it all go?

Here's the Readers Digest version of the last 20 years.

After graduation I moved to St George to attend Dixie Jr College where I studied aviation and started working on my pilot's license. It was a good time and I had about as much fun as was possible with out getting arrested and still maintaining a GPA at least a little above 3.0. I kept busy with motorcycles, sports, rock climbing girls and even a little homework when required.

After one year of college I served a mission for the LDS church in the Argentina Resistencia Mission. Luckily my time in Mr Jarmon's spanish class paid off and I was able to learn the laguage without too much pain.

After the mission I went to Utah Valley State where I continued to study aviation. Unfortunatly I really didn't have the funds to pay for all the flight hours I needed, so I switched majors. I seemed to enjoy switching majors so I did it a few times. I finally graduated from UVSC with a BS in Technology Management.

To help pay for college I joined the National Guard where I worked as spanish linguist/interrogator. After about 9 months I switched to Active Duty in the Guard as a linguist. I stayed on active duty in the Guard untill I graduated in Dec 2007.

I married Nicole Linge (little sister of Lisa Linge from Provo High 90) in 1995 and we had our first duaghter in 1996.

While in college I went through ROTC and upon graduation from UVSC recieved my commision as an Army Officer. I started out with a year an Fort Benning going through the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Airborne School and the Bradley Leadership School.

After Benning we were stationed in Germany where I started out as an Infantry Platoon leader for 1-6 Infantry Regiment. I then went on to serve as an Operations Officer for 1-6 and after switching from Infantry to Signal, I served as a Battalion Signal Officer for 1-6. With 1-6 I deployed to Albania and spent a little bit of time in Macedonia and Kosovo.

While in Germany we were blessed with a son and twin daughters.

From there we went to Fort Gordon for more schooling and then to Fort Huachuca in Az. At Huachuca I served as the Company Commander for HHC, 11th Signal Brigade and deployed to Kuwait and Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After Huachuca taught ROTC at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM for 3 years.
I am currently a Major, stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the XVIII Airborne Corps. I am currently deployed to Iraq. I moved my family to our house in SLC so they can be near family while I'm away. After I get back they'll rejoin me at Fort Bragg.

I can truly say I have blessed with an icredible wife and great kids. I can't to get home to be with them again.

This pic is from Fall 08 when I was home on leave from Iraq.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Mike Hugo

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Dainon said...


You're probably well into packing for your move to Kansas. It was sure great to catch up for a few hours. I've really missed having you guys around. Be sure to look us up when you're in town, and we'll go out to dinner or something.